Martins Banjo

As a Politics and Religious Studies student at St Francis Xavier Sixth Form College, Martins, 19, has always shown interest in the Common Good, however in summer 2015 this interest developed into action.

Martins devised a campaign to address a problem close to his heart. Having witnessed first-hand the social disadvantages caused by low awareness, Martins came up with the idea of the 'Life-skills Curriculum' which aims to prepare teenagers for the practical challenges of adult life.

The curriculum - which Martin hopes will be taught in secondary schools - will cover topics such as finance, taxes, employment, and voter registration. As part of his curriculum plan, he also hopes to engage the support of companies, to offer internships and apprenticeships to school leavers.

Martins feels strongly that knowledge and opportunities are vital to prevent the poorest members of society from being exploited and excluded. Martins visited the Houses of Parliament to discuss his idea with his MP Neil Coyle and Coyle has offered a written endorsement of Martins campaign. Martins next move is to write an Early Day Motion and then to put forward a petition which would need 100 MPs signatures.

The motivation for Martins campaign comes from awareness of people's dignity and his passion for justice. Martins is a considerate and kind student, with the drive and determination to make life better for others.

What they said: “Though ambitious, Martins is a humble leader and team player not self-serving but desirous to serve.” – Clare Colleran, College Chaplain