Caring for the environment

The Barbara Ward Award recognises young people who have conserved, enhanced or protected creation.

God created the earth. Often the way we treat creation leads to the harm of both of it, and those living on it. We need to treat the earth with respect.

Nomination Tips:  

Do you know a young person who’s led a conservation project? Maybe they’ve convinced the headteacher to install solar panels or initiated recycling at the Parish Centre. Perhaps you know a young person who is bucking the smartphone trend to lessen the burden on mineral extraction, or leading an awareness campaign around Climate Change. 

The Barbara Ward caring for the environment Award saw the biggest increase in nominations since the last awards in 2017. Our 2019 Recipients included; St John Bosco College Young Gardeners from Battersea who established a gardening club on an old football pitch at the back of school; Annalia Rathoor, from Blessed Robert Widermerpool Catholic Academy in Nottingham, who leads campaigns on litter picking, plastic-bans and animal-safety campaigns, and through this, has helped her school renew its Green Flag Award; and Tom Allan from St Mary’s School, Menston, who established a Global Warriors Group and who now sits on the Diocesan Leeds Justice and Peace Commission.
Nominations are now closed.

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There are seven categories covering a huge variety of areas, and each has its own criteria. These guidance notes and FAQs provide you with more detail about the criteria of each award and provide some hints on what the panelists will be looking for. Every young person nominated will be considered for the Pope Francis Award by Cardinal Vincent Nichols.

This resource sheet provides you with a 90 minute youth work session for youth groups or informally in school or college. There is also an Awards Powerpoint, in addition to an accompanying PowerPoint. And check out our FAQs.

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