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Thank you for sponsoring Bishop Ralph Heskett`s siLENT. Your donation will help young people transform their lives and their world.  


Speaking up with silence!  Your sponsorship will make a real difference to young people without a voice, for whom silence isn’t a choice.  Million Minutes celebrates young people and gives grants to support them to change their lives and their world. The money you raise during Lent will help many projects. For example, at 16 Andre was isolated from lessons at school due to his behavioral difficulties. Lonely and frustrated Andre was given a second chance when Million Minutes encouraged Andre to help out at his local primary school. During the year his confidence grew so much that he built relationships with young people in his local neighbourhood. Knowing what being isolated felt like, he saw opportuniteis to include others, like supporting a child using a wheelchair to take part in a basketball game with his peers.  “I feel empowered,” he said. Andre overcame his own difficulties to use his voice to make a change for other young people.  Your sponsorship will help people like Andre to change lives.