Nearly There!

Across the country people are preparing for their silence, activity on our online fundraising site is increasing rapidly and we’re hearing so many more stories about peoples plans, what they’re doing to make the most of the fundraising opportunity along with their hopes, fears and expectations for their silence. Here is a selection of the stories we’re hearing:

  • In Fife we’ve heard about a scout group preparing to stay silent and anxious that they’ll make it the whole way through
  • In Bolton all of the young adult group from the Schoenstatt Shrine will be meeting at the shrine to stay silent throughout the day
  • In Warrington St. Gregory’s chaplaincy group is doing all they to spread the word throughout the school
  • In Macclesfield the team at Savio House Retreat Centre and a group training to volunteer overseas with Bosco Volunteer Action (BOVA) are staying silent together even though the BOVA group have never met each other (never mind the Savio team) before!
  • In Millwall some of the young parishioners of St. Edmond’s parish have signs ready to explain why they are silent at Mass on Sunday
  • All 24 of St. Mary’s Impact group, west Croydon, are staying silent to make up 24 hours and will be making sure everybody in the Parish knows about it!
  • The team from St. Vincent's Centre (of Southwark Youth Service) are ALL staying totally silent for 24 hours!

Want to make sure everybody know what you're doing for Million Minutes? We have an image ready that you can use as your profile picture on facebook or twitter (or anything else you like!). you can find it here, and all you need to do is just save it onto your computer and upload it as a new profile picture, easy!

For those of you who are anxious about you’re silence, we have two new resources which offer you practical tips for managing to stay silent for a whole 24 hours, one is from Sr Gabriel Davison (from BBC2’s The Concent) and the other is from a friend of Million Minutes, Matthew van Duyvenbode. Find them here and here, and as with many other fantastic things they are on our resources page here.

An Invitation from Margaret Mizen:

  • During Million Minutes, on Sunday 8 May, I am walking in silence from St Paul’s Cathedral to Westminster Cathedral.”

Are you still to make plans for your silence? Why not come to walk with Margaret Mizen from St. Pauls Cathedral to Westminster Cathedral in silence? This is a great opportunity to stand (and walk!) in solidarity with not only Margaret Mizen and everyone else staying silent, but also all of those People are meeting outside St. Pauls at 12.45 to start walking at 1, the walk should take about 2 hours. It would be fantastic to see you there!

The best of luck to everyone staying silent on Sunday, we look forward to hearing about your experiences!