Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College go siLENT!

Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College have gone siLENT this year to experience what effect silence can have on their lives, and raise money to make a difference to young across the UK.

Each day there are lots of activities like Sacred Silence in the Chaplaincy in the morning and phoneless Fridays for 6th formers, but every day form groups have all spent 5 minutes in silence. Below are quotes from students, followed by those from teachers about their experiences of silence in form time.


“The silence has made me feel relaxed and at peace and I found it easy to do. It has made me be able to think about the good things/ people I have in my life and to cherish them and not take them for granted. I also have been able to focus on what type of person I want to be and to be able to have a happy start to each school day.”

“Taking 5 minutes of silence this week has been difficult. I have thought about things. It made me realise how I need to respect silence more and it has made me more relaxed.”

“I think it has got easier to be silent each day. It created a calm and peaceful environment.”

“These 5 minutes of silence have helped me. It has been difficult but it got easier as it went on. It helped me to think how lucky I am to have 2 working parents and a roof over my head.”

“It was easy and it gave me time to think.”


“5 minutes of silence for my form has been a challenge initially as they really do feel it is their RIGHT to have a bit of a catch up and natter once all form business is done. By Thursday however once we has established some “ground rules” there was a noticeable calm in the classroom. Even latecomers were respectful to the initative. All agreed it gave them more of a focus. Very much appreciated getting used to silence.”

“I have found the 5 minutes of silence extremely effective in from. I find that not enough young people today take the time to be silent and listen to what is happening around them, they are always in a rush, texting, tweeting, etc. These five minutes have offered them the opportunity to be reflective and to take the time to gather their thoughts. Definitely something I will consider to continue with my form.”

“Some moaned, but they were fantastic. I loved it- a very quiet start to the day. I was sceptical at first about whether they’d so it, but they were brilliant.”

You can find out all about siLENT and get involved through our siLENT page!