Stay siLENT for a change

Let’s speak up with silence! Join us in creating a deafening silence in Lent 2018!  Take time to give up the things that fill life with noise and restlessness. Not only will you allow time for silence, your sponsorship will make a real difference to young people without a voice, for whom silence isn’t a choice. 

Corey Scott (pictured centred) was recognised for his inspiring work supporting other young people with disabilities at the 2016 Celebrating Young People Awards - read about his story here.  Corey then decided to take part in siLENT 2017 and offers these reflections.

Cardijn recipients 2016.jpg

“I wanted to participate in siLENT because I thought it was an inspiring concept, one which I feel is rarely highlighted. It is important to encourage young people to engage in spiritual conversation as well as practical action, fiercely challenging the idea that anyone, regardless of who they are, should be ignored and not listened to.

The most challenging part of silence for me was not being prohibited to talk all day and not being able to respond to my online communication. I have a very sociable and personable character, taking seriously the welfare and happiness of all my close friends and family. I feel that the initiative really pushed me to a limit I would have never have expected to reach during the daily rhythm of ordinary living. I really exceeded my own personal comfort zone and came to the realization that no task is too great. If you put your mind to it truly there are no boundaries that cannot be concurred.

At the time I was going through personal difficulties with some friends relating to confusion around identity. The campaign reminded me and allowed me to put into perspective the trivial aspects of my life and concentrate on what was more valuable going forward.

It also made me realize that faith is a life long journey. Despite the inevitable and understandable doubts you may have from time to time, it is better to stick at it regardless of life’s bumpy road. It really requires individual investment and understanding of how faith can be real to you in your daily life. You never know what the rewards may be, but the daily challenge for all people of faith is to share the light with the disconnected on the fringe of our society without judging them.

The most rewarding part of silence is knowing that I am making a positive difference to so many people that I will probably never get to know or meet but it fills me with pride to have the knowledge that I may be making some of the poorest places in the country slightly more bearable to live  for some of our most vulnerable young people.

I think siLENT attracts all ages but I am glad it mainly supports young people because they are often the most in need. I would encourage anyone to take part in siLENT - the campaign gives you time to thank God for all the good things you have in life, even the smallest blessings that you may over look. It also allows you to communicate and get to know him better, whilst reflecting how your relationship can grow and blossom, if only your willing to let it be and allow him in.”

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