Encounters at Courtyard

My first month at Million Minutes has gone so fast! I love working in our small but very energetic team comprising of Kate, Tadz and Danny. I have been able to meet volunteers and young people as well as plan engagements events and facilitate workshops. In this time, I have learnt so much about the positive effect that detached youth work can have on young people. Just chatting to young people can make a huge difference. You may be the only person to have spoken to that young person today that hasn’t tried to tell them off or said something negative to them (as often happens in schools to young people who are ‘on the edge’). Our encounters allow us to bring something positive to their day. Building up relationships with young people can really help boost their self-confidence and make them realise they are valuable human beings with so much to offer.

I have also had the opportunity to meet many volunteers, all with different, yet inspirational motives for wanting to help with the Courtyard project. Some are parents themselves or have worked with young people in the past, aware of the hardships that young people experience every day, and others are just compassionate beyond belief, wanting to help others in any way they can. The creativity, drive and compassion they bring to the team is astounding. They will be truly able to bring something to the young people they encounter, accompanying them wherever they want to go.

In the coming weeks I am eager to carryout the events that we have planned to engage more people in Enfield. I am looking forward to meeting new people and telling them about the potential that Courtyard has and seeing how they can bring their own qualities to the teams they will be working with.

December Courtyard events:

  • ‘Pizza Fuelled Purpose’, youth chat & pizza, - Wed 5th Dec eve

  • Courtyard Coffee Morning’, Enfield Film, questions, cuppas and pastries – Sat 8th Dec morn

  • You Know Who?!, Enfield Edition, enjoyable mapping event to find young people, volunteers and community links – Wed 12th Dec eve. (flyer below)

  • ‘Streets walk’ learn how we observe our area and groups of young people (observe only, no chatting) – flexible, or - Thurs 13th Dec eve after Parish Rosary

January event:

Offering Hope-Two opportunities to attend conversations around the nuts and bolts of good youth work projects. For more details and to register: millionminutes.eventbrite.co.uk

Additionally, if you would like to find out more about Courtyard then check out our website by visiting: https://courtyardproject.org.uk/

By Sophie Aulton (Courtyard London Worker)