We each have to do our part to build the common good for all. It takes each of our efforts working together in community to create a better world for all.
We are all called to participate in our local communities and in wider society. We can’t stand back and be observers.


IDEA: Write to your MP or go to a local constituent meeting

Go and meet your local MP, vocalise your concerns about your local community or explain the issues that young people face. Make your voice heard. Follow up with a letter.

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IDEA: Start a community action group with YCW, in your school or Parish

Are you passionate about making a difference to the community around you? Get together with friends and peers in your parish or school and create a YCW group to become part of a nationwide network of young people wanting to change the world: http://www.ycwimpact.com/

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IDEA: Support your local community

Could you bring your skills and talents (singing, arts and crafts, music) to your local care home? Bring friends to join you, sit with them and listen to their stories.
Or research and discover which other community projects would benefit from your support.

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IDEA: Start a parish or community garden

Research what material you might need, see how your local community could help you. Is there space in your existing garden or local allotment? Pick out the vegetables/fruit you want to plant, buy the products you need, and get digging.

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IDEA: Volunteer in your parish

Volunteer your time every week or month at your local parish. You might want to do something simple like helping with the flowers or volunteer to clean. You might even be able to help at the Children’s liturgy group or local youth club. Find out what is needed and get involved!

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IDEA: Set up a safe haven project

Trying to find ways to make your local community feel safer, why not set up a Safe Haven project?

Find out more by visiting: http://forjimmy.org/building-safe-havens/

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In need of more inspiration? Why not…

  • Design and create your own social action project here.

  • Help change the world by standing up for voiceless young people in Lent 2020. Join siLENT. Find out more here.