Inspiring Adult Youth Leader

The CYMFed Award is designed to recognise a truly inspiring adult youth worker or youth minister.

We know that there are 100s of people who have dedicated their lives to working with and for young people, often in a thankless role. This is your opportunity to thank the person in your community who truly goes above and before for young people. Your CYMFed Award nominee should not be paid for the work they are nominated for.

Nomination Tips: Does your Parish have a truly excellent volunteer youth leader? Is your local Scout leader always there to offer advice and support? Does your Diocese have an incredible Youth Minister who has inspired generations of young people? The 2019 award recipient was Dawn Wilkinson from the Diocese of Salford.

Dawn has committed every Sunday for the last 16 years to the St Monicas Impact Group in Manchester. Which has enabled young people from the primary school to stay connected to the parish and to their primary friends, as well as walk a journey of faith and action together. Dawn is also an active member of the parish accompanying young families and helping them to feel fully welcome and part of the parish community. She is part of the parish forum group which has reached out to parishioners in the local area, visiting them at home and inviting them to church events. Her help also enabled the first community sponsorship family to come from Syria and settle in the UK, in the parish. Dawn is always putting the needs of the community before her own and doing everything she can to make a positive impact to the world and parish around her. On top of this Dawn is a loving mum to three grown up children who recognise and appreciate all her efforts to her local community. She is a role model and appreciated by many. No deserves to be recognised more than Dawn for her unfailing commitment.
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There are seven categories covering a huge variety of areas, and each has its own criteria. These guidance notes and FAQs provide you with more detail about the criteria of each award and provide some hints on what the panellists will be looking for. Every young person nominated will be considered for the Pope Francis Award, presented by Cardinal Nichols.

This resource sheet provides you with a 90 minute youth work session for youth groups or informally in school or college. There is an awards session Powerpoint, in addition to an accompanying PowerPoint. And check out our FAQs.