Million Minutes frequently seeks applications. We fund projects in the UK undertaken by organisations, groups or even individuals who work to enable young people to do things that change our world, inspired by Catholic social teaching:

• The dignity and equality of each human person
• The call to participation and community
• A preferential option for the poor
• The dignity and rights of workers
• Solidarity among peoples and the promotion of peace
• Care for the Earth

Small grant applications are open
Small grants are those between £200 - £2,000. The upper limit may be changed from time to time by the Trustees. Our current recommendation is to apply for grants up to £500. 

We advise that national or large organisations do not apply unless working with a local youth project. Grant applications will be considered on a rolling basis. It may be up to 3 months until a decision is communicated.

Before you apply
Download our Funding Criteria here.

Application Forms - Download here

Youth Application Form
Use this form if you are under 18. You will need an adult to complete the final section of the form.

Adult Application Form
Please complete this for if you are over 18. You will need to explain how young people are involved in leading the project.