Isabella Breslin

Barbara Ward Award Recipient for caring for the environment

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200
VLUU L200 / Samsung L200

Isabella is 14 and a staunch advocate for environmental issues, spearheading a campaign to reduce wasted electricity in the school, and representing the school when it applied to maintain its 'Green Flag' status. Isabella doesn't just see this as a responsibility, but something she is very proud to be able to take a stand on. Isabella has also been instrumental in organizing activities for Primary Feeder school students to attend and learn about the natural world. Her head of year says “She is something of an ‘unsung’ hero within the year group, not drawing attention to her contributions, but has dedicated more of her time to issues of environmental stewardship than any other member of the year. She is humble about her achievements, quick to point out the work of the team around her, and insistent that she does what she does simply because it is important.”

Isabella Breslin is from Notre Dame High School, Sheffield