Jamie Halliwell

Jimmy Mizen Award Recipient for promoting solidarity and peace

Jamie with City Safe Haven
Jamie with City Safe Haven

Jamie, 14, has been an elected member of the School Council for the last three years. Jamie discovered that homophobic bullying is now the greatest cause of bullying in schools in the UK and he also discovered that outside of the Catholic sector, there is a perception that Catholics are not tolerant of diversity. Jamie took on the role of an Anti-bullying Ambassador. He felt so strongly about the promotion of tolerance and 'love one another' that he developed a presentation that informed and challenged the students in all years, which he delivered single-handedly in assemblies. He has even delivered training to staff from other schools on dealing with homophobic bullying.

It was a brave thing for a young man to do, but such was his belief that he wanted to make a difference that he overcome any nerves. The impact of his work in school is already being seen.

Jamie Halliwell is from St Bonaventure's RC School, Forest Gate