Overall youth award

Every young person nominated for all the awards will automatically be considered for the Pope Francis Award.

During shortlisting, the panellists in each category will put forward at least one young person to be shortlisted for the Pope Francis Award, from whom the Award will be selected. This award will be presented on the 3rd of July, 2019.

Cardinal Vincent detailed the criteria for the Pope Francis Award recipient during the 2015 award ceremony: “I had the job of choosing the Pope Francis award recipient. This was not easy. So I set for myself three characteristics that I was looking for, which I think come straight from the mind and the writings and the actions of Pope Francis:  
• Pope Francis says to us, ‘reality is more important than ideas’- so I was looking for somebody who in an outstanding way grappled with reality and had that as the real motivation of what they were doing;
• Pope Francis often talks about the importance and need for leaders of integrity and courage, so I was looking for someone who was a leader, who’s showing us the way and is doing it consistently, and not just in a haphazard way;
• Maybe most importantly of all, Pope Francis speaks of you and I, of all of us, as Missionary Disciples of Jesus. So I had to find somebody who, in my view, knew what that meant in their daily life. To be a disciple, a companion, to be someone whose heart was close to Jesus and who was fired by His love and His understanding of what He brings, and was because of that reason willing to reach out.”

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There are seven categories covering a huge variety of areas, and each has its own criteria. These guidance notes and FAQs provide you with more detail about the criteria of each award and provide some hints on what the panellists will be looking for. Every young person nominated will be considered for the Pope Francis Award, presented by Cardinal Nichols.

This resource sheet provides you with a 90 minute youth work session for youth groups or informally in school or college. There is an awards session Powerpoint, in addition to an accompanying PowerPoint. And check out our FAQs.