Celebrating human dignity

The St Josephine Bakhita Award recognises young people who have enabled others to live a life of dignity.

Every human being is seen as equal. They’re lovingly and beautifully made in God’s image and likeness. The other principles flow from this. This is a very board and wide ranging category, in which most of the social action being celebrated by these awards would be eligible for.

If your nominee would fit better in another category, please do nominate them in a different category.

Nomination Tips:  

Do you know a young person who is a young carer, who manages to care for a parent or a sibling and still come to school/work each day without complaint? Perhaps you know a young person who consistently puts the dignity of others before themselves. Or maybe a young person who is dedicated to working to improve the lives of people living with disabilities? 

Alex Griffiths aged 17 from Bishop Milner Catholic College, Dudley (Archdiocese of Birmingham) was a recipient of the St Josephine Bakhita Award in 2017.

He was nominated by his school chaplain. Here is an extract from his nomination: “Since he was nine years old Alex has spent five hours a day caring for his mum, nan and granddad by cooking meals, cleaning, changing dressings and more. He spends his limited spare time raising awareness of other young carers, for example by organising a Young Carers Week in his college. Alex is a perfect example of a teen hero: putting the needs of others above himself to celebrate human dignity. We are proud to know him.” Nominations are now open.

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