Nicola Mattocks

19 years old, over the past 2 years Nicola has given thousands of hours of her time to challenging mental health stigma. Nicola started a peer support group at her local church in South London which now supports many teenagers struggling with mental illness.  

Nicola supports others experiencing mental illness because she didn't get the help she needed when she was ill. She works hard to ensure no one goes through the terrible ordeal that she did. And she truly inspires her local community, bringing marginalised teenagers to supportive places so that they can reach their potential.

With the support of the church behind her, Nicola organises, plans and delivers every session herself. Those aorund her note that she has incredible strength to help, inspire and lead others.

What they said: “She gives her life to inspire others with her story and I hope that can be recognised through this award” – Nicole Smith, friend