St James’ Climate Bloggers

Aged between 14 and 15, the Climate Bloggers at St James’ Catholic High School in North London have spent the year raising awareness and campaigning about the environment. But blogging was just the start.

The group started by briefing staff so they understood why the environment was so crucial for the school to focus on. Standing up in front of their peers, they lead assemblies and supported lower year retreats, sharing ideas and praying for change.

Working directly with younger students, the group set up and run the Year 7 gardening club. They help the students to plan and plant and with the summer here are excited to be reaping the rewards.

Faith has been important for the group. They’ve planned liturgies and got students to really understand Laudato Si’, Pope Francis’ recent encyclical on care for our common home.

What they said: “They are exceptional students who thirst for change” - Jenny Whelan, School Chaplain