Tom Caluori

Tom has been involved in the Catholic youth service since being a member of the YCW when he was a teenager. Since then he has been everything including a YCW adult companion (to two groups!), a chaplain in a college, a catechist and a champion for the entire Croydon Deanery Youth Project.

Tom has devoted huge time and energy into running events for young Catholics for as long as many can remember. Tom encourages young people and other youth leaders to deepen their understanding of the Catholic faith and inspires them to engage in social action in their community.

Come rain or shine, Tom spends every Thursday in St. Mary’s as well as helping out at events and outings. Tom uses the YCW's ‘See, Judge, Act’ methodology to address really sensitive contemporary issues such as relationships and drugs to help young people understand what the Church and the Bible teach. He gives his insight as well as listening to young people’s.

Ever on the look out for cash, Tom helps others with their fundraising ideas, finding different funds to make activities happen. And he reaches out to others: he gets other young people involved from different groups so young people can meet one another and build friendships. He also brings other adults to meetings so they can understand how youth work happens and to help them be welcomed as fellow adult companions. 

What they said: “A natural leader and a passionate, dedicated and inspiring youth worker, Tom deserves to be recognised for his service to the Church” – Ryan Earle, a young person from West Croydon

“Tom is an excellent and inspiring youth leader” - Kimberley Pereira, fellow youth leader