Missio and Million Minutes!

The people who work at Missio are staying silent for a whole 24 hours. They already work for a charity; their work helps to raise funds and channel the support of thousands of Catholics in England and Wales who make the mission of the Church possible around the world.   They love their work - they know the difference their work makes to communities and vulnerable people around the world.

Here’s what they had to say

  • "We are inspired by Million Minutes to stand in solidarity with young people here and around the world so that they can be helped to live lives that respect their worth and help them fulfil their potential and make a contribution to a world that is better for everyone.
  • There are lots of reasons why we want to stay silent on 17 May. Here are some of them:
  • -We believe in young people and care about what happens to them
  • -We want to help young people take an active part in their communities
  • -We want to be quiet and listen to God speaking through young people
  • -We want to pray together for young people who are vulnerable and isolated and for all those who work with them offering fresh hope and opportunities
  • -We want to give thanks for having the opportunity to do something about it’
  • Young people, especially those at risk, have been at the heart of Missio’s work since 1842, particularly because it is they who are the apostles to other young people.  We are proud to share Million Minutes wonderful initiative and it will be a delight to have a haven of quiet – even for a few minutes."

Mgr John Dale, Missio National Director

You can sponsor the Missio team at www.bmycharity.com/frjohn