Anna Marshall

Anna, 13, decided that the 'Toilet Twinning' initiative was a project that she would support. Over the past year Anna has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of water and sanitation in the developing world in her parish, in her youth group and in her home town.

She began in a small way in the parish, placing a donated toilet in the Church porch asking everyone to throw in spare coins. Other members of the youth group soon became involved and money was raised to provide two villages in the developing world with toilet facilities. Last Christmas the toilet was taken to the local pub and members of the youth group, family and parishioners led a carol singing evening to raise funds.

But Anna’s interest isn’t only about raising money. Anna invited the local MP to visit and gave a presentation on the project and Anna was asked to speak about the project to an invited audience at a coffee morning organised by the leader of the Council. A member of the council will attend a youth group meeting to discuss the possibility of Chesterfield becoming a toilet twinning town.

Anna take the lead in all the activities she undertakes but also works enthusiastically with her youth group members and friends. The young people have formed a close knit group who, with guidance of two youth workers, are appreciated and supported by fellow parishioners.  

What they said: “Anna has the potential to be an outstanding and inspirational young leader of the future” – Anne Peacey, Justice and Peace Network