Reena Joseph

18 and from St Wilfrid's Catholic School, Crawley, Reena is an amazing young person who quite simply makes her community a better place.

Reena arrived at St Wilfrid’s in 2011 from India. With no English, Reena worked hard to grasp the language and access the curriculum. But it was a difficult time. Her academic progress dipped and she felt a growing sense of isolation as she struggled to make friends. Persevering, she finally got great GCSEs.

But Reena turned this experience around. At school she has started a programme for students who don’t speak fluent English to improve their skills, using her own negative experience to create a positive experience for others.

Showing more commitment towards helping those in need, Reena volunteers in St Catherine’s hospice and has raised both awareness and funds for the hospice in school.

Reena prepares the weekly Masses, taking a lead in the ministries of music and reading, and often preparing the bidding prayers herself. She also talks to students about why Mass is so important and encourages them to come along. The popularity of our voluntary Masses (100+) is down to Reena.

The creator and leader of many teams, Reena’s humility means she might not admit it herself and is quite happy for others to take the credit!

What they said: “Reena is an inspirational example how it live out Catholic social teaching” – Claire Franke, School Chaplain