Corey Scott

Despite great physical restrictions, Corey, 23 from Lancashire, has worked tirelessly over many years to improve the living standards of those who live with disabilities, including access to education and work, through his lobbying for better laws in the new Children and Families Act. Corey brings his first-hand experience of the pressures and difficulties which young disabled people encounter to his work.

Corey gained a reputation for being one of the more outspoken students in his college, with his refreshing no nonsense, straight talking approach to tackling the challenges which disabled people face day in, day out. He has staunchly represented the interests of the disabled community, taking the fight to Parliament to improve the chances of young disabled people.

It’s hard to overstate the amount of volunteering Corey does, from keynote speeches before vast audiences to fundraiser days and going on an annual pilgrimage with HCPT.

What they said: “Corey does not let this condition get in the way of his selfless activities” – Mathew Quinn, Blackburn College

“A truly inspirational young man” – David Huxley, University Centre Blackburn College