Protecting the Dignity of Workers

The Joseph Cardijn Award recognises young people who have stood up for the rights of workers and students, helped people into work, or shown leadership among their peers or colleagues.

The right to work, to have a job, to earn money and so support your family are all connected to the dignity of each individual. Catholic social teaching affirms that human beings are not merely a commodity, a tool as part of a process to make things. Human beings are greater than any thing. They deserve a fair wage and proper working conditions.

Nomination Tips:  

This is a broad area of Catholic social teaching and the award recipient could be employed or unemployed, but is someone who is committed to the value of hard work and respecting the worker. Do you know a young person who truly lives out justice in their workplace or school? A young person who stands up for the rights of others? Maybe you know a young adult who is living out their vocation through their work, or someone who is very active in supporting others live out their vocation. 

In a story of David and Goliath proportions (Ethan, Michael, Ana and Zeruiah) from St Anthonys Catholic Primary school have convinced London City Airport through song to raise the wages of 100 workers. Their success has seen them perform in front of the London Mayor Sadiq Khan to help get their message across. In addition, they convinced the airport to become a London Living Wage employer after two meetings. They are ambitious young people who have worked hard to campaign effectively for the living wage. Read more about their story and others below.
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There are seven categories covering a huge variety of areas, and each has its own criteria. These guidance notes and FAQs provide you with more detail about the criteria of each award and provide some hints on what the panelists will be looking for. Every young person nominated will be considered for the Pope Francis Award by Cardinal Vincent Nichols.

This resource sheet provides you with a 90 minute youth work session for youth groups or informally in school or college. There is also an Awards Powerpoint, in addition to an accompanying PowerPoint. And check out our FAQs.

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